Car Share

Share your journey with a neighbour, friend or colleague to reduce your travel costs and congestion.  To connect with other people looking to share, visit Perth and Kinross Liftshare, part of the national Liftshare network.Car Sharing is when two or more people travel together by car, for part or all of their journey.  The scheme can be operated in a number of ways, whether you drive one week and your car share drives the next week or you may pick up someone who doesn’t drive, so they could make a contribution towards the driver’s fuel costs.Car sharing can be formal, using the Liftshare website or it might be informal with friends or colleagues travelling to work together. Remember your personal safety is important and only share a journey with someone, if you feel comfortable doing so. 

the benefits of car share

There are many benefits to car sharing: 
  • Share travel costs – fuel costs and parking fees
  • Reduced traffic – less congestion and quicker journeys due to less cars being on the road
  • Less pollution – better air quality as there are less cars on the roads
  • Easier to park – less cars in the car park, should make parking at your destination easier
  • Meet new people – you might be car sharing with your new bestie
  • Increased personal security – you will have company when walking to and from the car
  • Workplace advantages – some employers may offer dedicated parking spaces for two or more people sharing a car

Park and Share

Across Perth and Kinross, there are three Park & Ride sites, which provide a convenient location to meet with fellow car sharers and transfer to one vehicle for the final part of your journey.  It also means that if you don’t drive, you could walk, cycle or use public transport to meet with your car share.You might be able to leave your car on your car sharers driveway or outside their house, but make sure wherever you park, you comply with any traffic regulations and park considerately…  you don’t want to come back to a note on your windscreen!

Car Share Season Parking Tickets

At Perth & Kinross Council’s Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park and the South Inch Car Park in Perth, car sharing monthly season parking tickets are available to purchase.  The card issued, is configured so that it can operate with one or more vehicles.  This is another way that costs can be shared amongst the car sharers.

Personal Safety

It might be a good idea if you are setting up a Car Share through the Liftshare website, that you meet the person in advance for a quick coffee, to introduce yourself and to see if you would be happy to share with them.  If you think you would feel comfortable Car Sharing with the person, set up a week or a month’s trial to see how things go.  For the trial period, it is recommended that you do not meet the other car share from you home and meet in a public place, such as outside the local shops or at a public transport interchange.You are under no obligation to go ahead with any car share.  If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, you should avoid travelling with them.

Car Clubs

If you don’t have your own vehicle, you could use a Car Club vehicle and share the journey with others to reduce travel costs.  In Perth, there is a Co Wheels vehicle that is located at Kestrel Way, Muirton, Perth PH1 5FL.


Upper Tay Transport Group

Hiya is now available in Aberfeldy

Rent your own car our in the community.  This scheme enables local people to rent their car out to people in the community who need a car for day here and there.  The scheme covers insurance.  It’s simple and easy to use.