Active Travel

Walking or cycling can be quick ways to travel for short journeys – and they’re free! It really doesn’t take too long – most people can walk half a mile or cycle two miles in 10 minutes.

To plan journeys on foot and by bike, visit Google Maps and CycleStreets. For walking and cycling routes in Perth, see our walking and cycling leaflet.

The Walking and Cycling Map, shows all the walking and cycling routes around Perth.


It’s recommended you do 10,000 steps a day, try a pedometer smart phone app to see how many steps you do.

 Did you know walking is really good for you?

  1. You can get closer to nature
  2. It’s a good way to chat and catch up with friends
  3.  Lowers your blood sugar and increases weight loss
  4. Good for your circulation and joints
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety, releases endorphins that make your feel happier
  6. Doesn’t cost anything, free activity
  7. Get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun
  8. Can reduces the risk of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes and Osteoporosis
  9. Improves your sleep and helps alleviate depression
  10. Improves concentration

Why not try walking to work?

If you live within 1.5 miles from your place of work, why not try walking your commute. It’s a stress-free way to travel, no need to worry about congestion or public transport delays. You could save money on fares, parking charges or fuel costs. It’s great way to keep fit and healthy, physically and mentally. It’s a great way to relax and wind down after a busy day, to clear your head before you get home.

If your going to give it a try think about:

  • Planning your route – Check google maps, core paths routes etc to see if there are paths away from busy roads. Try different routes and time them so you know how long your commute will take. Have a direct route and more leisurely route you can alternate depending on the weather or if your running late.


  • Check the weather forecast – Before you leave check the weather forecast to see if you need your waterproof jacket or sunglasses or let’s face it both…


  • What to wear – We all like to look our best but try to accommodate your look to be as comfortable as possible for your walk in. You can change into your 6inch heels or brogues when you get into the office. Tying your hair up might be a good option to avoid looking too windswept. If it’s dark when your walking in the evening or early morning think about wearing a brighter coloured jacket so your seen easily by traffic and cyclists.


  • Your stuff – Before you pack your kitchen sink into your bag, think about what you need to take with you. Ideally your bag and contents should be 2kgs or less. A small well-designed backpack is the easiest way to carry your belongings. Don’t use a briefcase or a shoulder bag, you’ll regret it. Keep your hands free for the journey and one ear phone out to keep aware of the traffic.


  • Two’s company – Is there anyone else you know who walks your way. Having someone to natter to on the way home is a great way to unwind and keep motivated to walk every day.

The Bike Stations Social Cycle Project

In need of some bike repair…

Check out the Bike stations Dr Bike events in Perth on the North Inch outside Bells Sports Centre on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 10am – 1pm.

    Cycling events

    Interested in Cycling events PK on the Go often organise yearly Dr Bike, E bike trail and training sessions. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for more information.

      Bicycle Recycling

      If you have an old bike in the garage, why not recycle it by taking it to one of the participating bike shops or taking it to a Council Recycling Centre. It will be repurposed for someone else in the community.

        Cycle friendly employer

        Are you interested in your workplace becoming a Cycling Friendly Employer?

        Perth and Kinross Council has used the Cycling Friendly Employer Grant to install a new enclosed cycle shelter for their employees at Pullar House.

          Is your school or place of work cycling friendly? Check on this map developed by TACTRAN

            Want to know where you can get other bike facilities check on this map developed by TACTRAN


              You may be able to get a loan to purchase your e-bike


              Or you could get it through your employer as a salary sacrifice scheme