Save money, time and hassle while you travel.

The programme aims to enhance the region’s urban environments, by reducing traffic congestion and therefore pollution, and helping people be a bit more active.

Perth & Kinross Council, Stagecoach, Tactran and others are working to provide good quality infrastructure and transport services where they can.  However, it’s up to everyone that travels to do their bit.

Cars have an important role to play in our transport system, and are essential for many people’s journeys.  But many people have other options available.

There are good alternatives to the car, particularly for local journeys, and big savings can be made by choosing them.

1) Walking & Cycling

Walking or cycling can be quick ways to travel for short journeys – and they’re free! It really doesn’t take too long – most people can walk half a mile or cycle two miles in 10 minutes.

To plan journeys on foot and by bike, visit Google Maps and CycleStreets. For walking routes in Perth, visit PKC Core Paths.

The icon Perth City walking and cycling map shows all walking and cycling routes around Perth, or check out one of the Perth Travel Guides in the Downloads section for routes in your local area.

2) Hop on a bus

Many parts of Perth and Kinross are well connected by bus, with services operating in and between the main towns and into Perth. Perth itself has an excellent bus network with frequent journeys operating into the city centre.

View details of all bus services in Perth and Kinross. To plan a public transport journey, visit Traveline Scotland. 

3) Be a Smarter Driver

If you do need a car and the alternatives don’t work for you, try to:

Share your journey with a neighbour, friend or colleague and halve your driving costs. To connect with other people looking to share, visit Perth and Kinross Liftshare.

Drive more economically. Most drivers waste money on their petrol or diesel but by making simple changes to your driving techniques you could reduce your fuel costs by 15%. For tips on how, visit the Energy Saving Trust website


There are three Park & Ride sites operating in Perthshire, which provide convenient parking adjacent to the departure points for both buses to Perth City Centre and express coaches serving other Scottish cities.

The Perth (Broxden) and Scone Park & Ride sites provide an easy alternative means of accessing Perth City Centre. Simply drive, park and let the bus take you into the heart of the City Centre. From Broxden express coaches also serve Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness. The Kinross Park & Ride facility provides improved public transport links for journeys to Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.


On the Go is helping residents and visitors of Perth and Kinross to save money, time and hassle while they travel. There are good alternatives to using the car, particularly for local journeys. The travel guides below will help provide you with more information about your travel choices. Take a read!

The Perth Lade Leaflet

Explore on foot or by bike and learn more about its history and wildlife


Muirton & North Muirton

Take a look at our travel guide to find out about travelling from Muirton & North Muirton by bike, bus and car.


Scone, Bridgend & Kinnoull

Take a look at our travel guide to find out about travelling from Scone, Bridgend & Kinnoull by bike, bus and car.


Letham, Tulloch & Hillyland

Take a look at our travel guide to find out about travelling from Letham, Tulloch & Hillyland by bike, bus and car.


Cherrybank, Oakbank & Western Edge

Take a look at our travel guide to find out about travelling from Cherrybank, Oakbank & Western Edge by bike, bus and car.


Craigie, Moncreiffe, Friarton

Take a look at our travel guide to find out about travelling from Craigie, Moncreiffe, Friarton by bike, bus and car.


The Perth Lade Map

Explore The Perth Lade on foot or by bike and learn more about its history and wildlife.


Stagecoach Network Map

Discover Stagecoach’s Perth City Centre Network.


Get Rewarded for taking the bus with Mi Rewards

Bus operator Stagecoach is backing independent businesses in Perth by signing up to the local Mi Rewards loyalty scheme, giving passengers the chance to benefit from shopping local and travelling by bus.

In addition to this, Mi Rewards customers also receive perks, event tickets and random acts of kindness just for being part of the scheme.

During November and December, Oakbank Primary School are raising awareness of safety around Zebra crossings. Pupils in the Communities Skills Group are championing this work through a series of activities. This includes engaging with parents and carers, designing artwork and messaging, sharing safety messages aimed at drivers and holding a small protest during school pick-up time.

 Zebra crossings help people cross the road safely. They have white stripes painted onto the road in the crossing area and feature black and white poles with orange flashing lights.

 Drivers should stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at a Zebra crossing, and must stop for pedestrians who have already started crossing.

 The awareness raising campaign aims to increase drivers awareness of Zebra crossings, to encourage them to slow down on approach, look for pedestrians waiting to cross, and stop if someone is waiting or already crossing.

 The awareness raising campaign is part of a research study, exploring the accessibility of Zebra crossings for vulnerable road users, including children, older people and people with disabilities. The research study is being run by Jacobs in partnership with University of Edinburgh, on behalf of Transport Scotland and the Scottish Roads Research Board.

 This campaign coincides with Road Safety Week, 19th – 25th November 2023.



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Get on the Go is helping local residents and visitors to Perth & Kinross, Dundee & Angus to save money, time and hassle while they travel. Get on the Go aims to enhance the region’s environment, by reducing congestion and therefore traffic pollution, in addition to helping the people of Tayside be a bit more active.