Cycling can be quick way to travel for short journeys and its free. It really doesn’t take too long – most people can cycle two miles in 10 minutes.

To plan journeys by bike, visit Google Maps and CycleStreets. For walking and cycling routes in Perth, see our walking and cycling leaflet.

The Walking and Cycling Map, shows all the walking and cycling routes around Perth.

A bike ride is a great activity you can do as a family, riding together will help your children gain confidence and encourage them to cycle on their own in the future.

Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise that offers a wealth of benefits. It also varies in intensity, making it suitable for all levels. You can cycle as a mode of transport, for casual activity, or as an intense, competitive endeavour.

Cycling is a wonderful workout that keeps you active. It can help shape a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

There are lots of traffic-free cycling routes you can try, see our cycling map for more information.

It’s recommended that adults do 2 & 1/2 hours of moderate intensity activity per week (around 20 – 30 minutes a day), but many of us find it difficult to achieve this.  Cycling is a great low-impact workout for your body and mind. Try swapping short car journeys for the bike, and you can easily build exercise into your daily routine. What’s more, research shows that adults who cycle regularly have fitness levels of someone up to 10 years younger.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a massive growth in cycling’s popularity, with many people getting back in the saddle, or trying cycling for the very first time and feeling the freedom of travelling on two wheels. If you’re just getting back on the saddle and want advice on how to feel confident and safe when out on your bike, Sustrans has produced this helpful guide:

The Bike Station’s Programme – Shifting Gears

The Bike Station is partnering up with various organisations including; PKVAS Carers Hub, Perth Autism Support, NHS Tayside’s MoveAhead and Asylum seeker support services, to help participants get a bike and make cycling part of their life. Shifting Gears provides year-round opportunities to improve health & wellbeing, make new social connections, build confidence and learn new skills.

PK on the Go Events

Interested in Cycling events PK on the Go often organise yearly Dr Bike, E bike trail and training sessions. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for more information.

Perth City Cycling Blog

This Cycling Blog helps to inspire people to cycle in Perthshire with lots of information on where to go, where to hire and if in a fix where to get your bike repaired locally.

Bicycle Recycling

If you have an old bike in the garage, why not recycle it by taking it to one of the participating bike shops or taking it to a Council Recycling Centre. It will be repurposed for someone else in the community.

    Cycle Friendly Employer

    Are you interested in your workplace becoming a Cycling Friendly Employer?

    Perth and Kinross Council has used the Cycling Friendly Employer Grant to install a new enclosed cycle shelter for their employees at Pullar House.

    Is Your School or Work Cycle Friendly ?

    Is your school or place of work cycling friendly? Check on this map developed by TACTRAN

    Want to know where you can get other bike facilities? Check on this map developed by TACTRAN


    You may be able to get a loan to purchase your e-bike:

    Or you could get it through your employer as a salary sacrifice scheme:

    Find out where to charge up your ebike in Perthshire: